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Social Policy

One of the policy priorities of the shareholders and management of NEFTEPRODUKT-SAMARA - provision of social guarantees for employees and their families. Traditionally, the social program of the plant is implemented in several areas: health, leisure, education, health insurance, pensions, support for young families and more according to the current Collective agreement..

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Among priority directions of social policy of the enterprise is the program of rehabilitation workers and members of their families. Every year tens of petrochemists and their children have the opportunity to relax and improve their health. So, in 2013, conducted by the health workers from the means of the program of voluntary medical insurance. 110 workers were able to carry out rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment, visited the sanatorium-and-Spa institutions, dispensaries the city of Khabarovsk, Russian holiday resorts on the black sea coast.

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NEFTEPRODUKT-SAMARA is a reliable partner of the city administration in matters of socio-economic development, traditionally helping the sponsored schools, chemical engineering College, city orphanage, organizations of veterans and people with disabilities, medical and children's sport institutions, socially unprotected families..

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Personnel policy


Training is one of the policy priorities of the management of NEFTEPRODUKT-SAMARA. The company employs about 1,200 people. 33% of employees have higher education, 45% of the average professional. Three of them have a scientific degree of candidate of Sciences. Average age is 41 years. 20% of the company, i.e. every fifth of young people aged up to 30 years. The main profession in NEFTEPRODUKT-SAMARA. - a process plant operator, machinist process pumps and compressors, laboratory chemical analysis, operator, commodity, livsic-caster.