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NEFTEPRODUKT-SAMARA - is an Oil and Gas Company with refinery plant which begins operation in the year 2016.

Activities of Company

NEFTEPRODUKT-SAMARA installed capacity of more than 2.6 million tons per year. The plant produces high-quality, competitive products: gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, bitumen, mazut..

  • Diesel D2 Gas Oil
  • Mazut M100
  • Aviation Kerosene TS-1
  • Aviation Kerosene RT
  • Aviation Kerosene Grade 54
  • Jet A1
  • Fuel Oil CST-180
  • Base Oil SN150
  • Base Oil SN500
  • Bitumen


Integrated reservoir properties is one of the NEFTEPRODUKT-SAMARA strengths. We are focused on providing comprehensive solutions that describe our waters in detail, from a broad pool parameters in localized variations in individual entities.

We emphasize solutions that integrate castanospermine technologies in various fields: from seismic images, geological modeling, petrophysics, reservoir management and production technologies. Integrated solutions are especially important for the development of plans for the development of increasingly complex reservoirs today. Examples of current efforts characterization of reservoir includes deep, fractured carbonates and unconventional.


After placement of production, and each must be careful to ensure that it continues to operate at maximum efficiency. Production optimization is crucial to ensure recovery of developed reserves and revenue maximization. Minimizing the amount and treatment of produced water is also of paramount importance..

Drilling and completions:

Drilling and completions NEFTEPRODUKT-SAMARA strengths. Most of the current operations includes horizontal wells , many of which bends more than two miles in length . Other operations include conventional deepwater developments. The focus of each of these efforts is the provision of fit for purpose wells at the lowest possible cost over the term of the lease..


NEFTEPRODUKT-SAMARA also works with the owners of our canadian mining assets to develop the processing and upgrading of technologies related to oil Sands resources. We work with experienced demonstratively for demonstration of new technologies, such as solvent extraction prior to the field trial in mining.

image 9

Mode of railway tanker wagon for the transportation of Refined Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel, Mazut m100...

image 10

Injection of crude oil and refined petroleum products by pipe line into the stroage tank farm at the loading port.

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A significant average annual increase is achieved due to high growth rates and large volumes of exploration drilling, as well as the intensification of production on the plots, which are in commercial operation..

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NEFTEPRODUKT-SAMARA, Natural Gas Storage facility has the capacity of 5,070,400,000 cubic m3.